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A library of beautiful personality assessments accessible via a simple API.

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Traitify is the only visual personality assessment that can be completed in just minutes. Users simply swipe through a short series of images, answer "me" or "not me" and voilà: instant, actionable data!

Capture personality information during sign-up, onboarding, or profile management.

Explore our varied library of beautiful assessments and find the perfect measurement for your audience.

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The Science of Traitify

Traitify was founded on the belief that personality should be accessible and understandable to everyone. Initially conceived as a recommendations engine, Traitify has grown to examine personality in all facets of life. From careers, relationships, media preferences, and more, Traitify offers a diverse set of assessments to aid self-discovery and decision making.

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Add Personality For A More Human Experience

Browse our selection of personality assessments to better understand the types of users within your vertical. Looking for a custom measurement to fit your needs? We can do that too!


Match personalities to products, events, media, and more.

digital matchmaking

Cook up chemistry online with sophisticated dating solutions.


No assumptions. Personalize each experience as unique as your users.

career building

Lead students and professionals to best-fit opportunities.

unique experiences

Craft highly engaging experiences based on science, not assumptions.


Tailor messaging to win over users and customers and engage your audience.

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